The Water Crisis is Solvable

“The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity. … The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses.”1

Water Facts

When the available potable water within a region is less than what the region demands, there is a water crisis.

To survive, a person needs to drink 2-4 liters of potable water each day. When cooking, bathing, and cleaning are accounted for as well, the average person requires more like 20-50 liters per day.2


Sanitation Facts

Investing in Water and Sanitation is Good Business9

Improved water supply and sanitation boosts countries’ economic growth and contributes significantly to the eradication of poverty. Depending on the region and technologies utilized, these investments can lead to economic benefits ranging from $3.00 to $34 per dollar invested.

Key benefits of improved water and sanitation are:


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