Refund/Return Policy

Because of the nature of “purchases” (i.e. donations), we cannot make any refunds or returns. As soon as a donation is made, those funds are allocated to specific projects. Should we no longer have those funds, the people and/or community(ies) benefitting from your generous donation would suffer as a result. Therefore, we make all “sales” final so that WE, our partners, and the people we help know exactly where a project's funding stands.

Delivery Method/Timing

Your credit card donations will be delivered to WE immediately, if the transaction is made during business hours (otherwise, the next business day). When you are charged will depend on your credit card, but will usually be within a few days. Because these are donations - and, therefore, you are not purchasing a physical product for yourself - there is no delivery of items to your household. WE ask for your billing address simply to ensure that it is indeed you using your credit card.