Water Pump Maintenance in the Central African Republic

Every day residents of the Central African Republic walk long distances to get to a clean water source and often times pass by broken wells along the way. Although our main goal is to set up an initial source of clean water in each community in need, maintaining this water source is key for clean water to be available on an ongoing basis. This maintenance program starts by offering each community a year of free service, then each of the following years the community is expected to pay for a larger and larger portion of the maintenance cost.

Your contribution will enable the following:
1) Maintain a clean water source for about 500 people
2) 3x maintenance visits per year
3) Saves the village you help 100+ hrs/day of walking to fetch water
4) Provides a long-term solution by the end of 5 years
5) You will receive a report with information on the maintenance performed

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